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The Ribbon Streamers wooden dowels are 36" in length and painted with two coats of exterior paint. The six ribbons for each dowel are 20" in length and are custom made with your color choice (see color chart). Each Ribbon Streamer is handcrafted, made in the USA and are approved individually before shipping to insure the highest quality available.

There are two types of clamps available that can adapt the Ribbon Streamers to most signs whether they are made of metal, plastic or corrugated foam board. There are advantages and disadvantages between the metal clamps and the plastic clips with adhesive backing.

The metal clamps are extremely durable and will most likely outlast the signs. They require more effort to attach, but once the sign is converted the metal clamps will survive hot & cold temperatures and wet & dry conditions. They can also be easily removed and used for future signage as well. The plastic clips are easy to attach with a self adhesive backing and also will survive the elements. However, under extreme frigid conditions they will freeze in place. The easy solution is to keep them in the second to the last closed position so the Ribbon Streamers can still be held to the sign, but the Ribbon Streamers can easily be removed. Additional adhesive tape is included in case of a dropped clip at no additional charge.

The maintenance is minimal. The Ribbon Streamers should be removed from the signs before placing in your vehicle to avoid breakage. The ribbons themselves should not be crushed in order to maintain a fresh look. Otherwise, they should last years with proper care.

We now offer 4 foot Ribbon Streamers stakes that are independent from the signs. They are free standing and can be placed directly into the ground.

Special requests can be accommodated. Other custom needs can be addressed as well when provided specifications and particular concerns. Contact us by e-mail or phone for any requests.




1.) The need to fill balloons at the office on the day of an open house creates an unnecessary gasoline usage thus a greater carbon imprint by each agent driving to the office then to the open house. Eliminating this unnecessary step for the agent gives the agent back their time for such an effort as well.

2.) Streamers are weather resistant, water resistant and can be used over and over. They are adjustable for variable windy conditions.

3.) One time investment saves on future costs for balloons, ribbons, helium, time and fuel. GOING GREEN IS GOOD

1.) Carbon footprint greatly reduced.

2.) No more useless product waste that can harm wildlife.

3.) Saves on a finite resource, helium.


1.) No more unsafe visibility issues inside your vehicle.

2.) No more hazardous stopping and struggling with balloons especially on windy days.

3.) Ribbon streamers are more visible yet does not create a site easement issue that balloons and other forms of advertising causes.

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