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Hot weather
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About the Founder of Ribbon Streamers

John Spears, a graduate of Stanford University, is a nationally known artist, a part time real estate agent for over twenty years in New Jersey, and, now, a recent inventor for a green alternative to helium filled balloons used for open house signs. In 2008 John had an epiphany-the idea of using ribbon streamers on his real estate signs to eliminate the use of helium filled balloons. He realized the ribbon streamers could create a visual motion response to signage so he began to experimented over a nine month period.

John Spears, FounderJohn wanted the ribbon streamers to be UV and weather resistant. He tried numerous methods to make the device usable for years to come so he experimented on a number of methods to attach the ribbon streamers to conventional traditional signage. John tested his finished visual device by leaving the signs outside, for over a year, exposed to all elements. The signs were never brought indoors regardless of weather conditions.

After being satisfied with the durability of the ribbon streamers he began using them on his signs instead of the helium balloons his fellow agents used on weekend open houses. Soon other agents in his office approached him to convert their signs. Before he knew it the Ribbon Streamer alternative took hold. Coldwell Banker corporate endorsed his green alternative and asked him to be a part of their annual trade show. Once John Spears filed for a patent pending application he launched the Ribbon Streamer device at the trade show in September of 2010. The Ribbon Streamers literally flew out the door. At that point he decided to make the Ribbon Streamer system available to all of the real estate offices and has been met with incredible enthusiasm.


"We have been using John Spears' open house Ribbon Streamers for months now. We really like them. You get virtually the same effect as the helium balloon while driving by. It looks different but the motion and colors still get your attention.

Esther and I do 40-50 open houses a year between the two of us, many times we are each doing one in different locations. Typically I use 8 signs (24 balloons) per open house. Two open houses can mean 40-5- balloons plus a few that get away. If I need balloons I have to go to the office to inflate them. That works out to 30-60 minutes extra.

With John's system I don't even have to figure out how many signs and balloons I'll need. I just throw all of them in my Explorer and place as many as I need. I usually put out my signs a 6-7a.m. Sunday morning because traffic is minimal and its easier and safer than waiting till just before the open house. When I go to my open house at 12:30 or so, if I find that another agent has placed their own signs in between our signs, I can always add a few more and just pop in the Ribbon Streamers. It is just what we realtors have always needed for our open houses.

Another benefit that I see is the environmental aspect. I can't see any point in wasting helium and plastic when there is a better way to do things."

Richard and Esther
Sales Associate
June 6, 2010

" I just wanted to let you know that Bruce and I have been using these new Ribbon Streamers for many months. We are VERY pleased with many aspects of this new device for getting attention for our Open House signs.

1. No need to go into the office to blow up balloons....which saves time, gas and money therefore a very green approach in many respects.
2. No need for helium or balloons and they are less troublesome than balloons and better for the environment.
3. Interesting and different....always a plus when the competition uses balloons or flags or nothing.
4. The signs tend to stay up in very windy situation better than when they balloons tied to them thus better visibility.
5. John's Ribbon Streamers work in all types of weather whereas balloons tend to droop or pop if the weather is windy, storm, rainy, snowy or too hot or too cold.
6. Ease to use is a big plus as they are much simpler (faster, less frustrating) to attach to the signs than a handling a "mess" of balloons from the office to the car to the on site installation onto the multiple signs we always use to direct the traffic to our Open House.
7. Safety when driving with balloons in the car is always a risk. These Ribbon Streamers do not block our view in any way as drive to our Open Houses.
8. The Ribbon Streamers are always ready when we need them. No need to orchestrate when we can get to the office to do the balloons giving us back our time.
9. Very professional and green all the way around."

Joan and Bruce
Advertising and Promotion Specialist
January 2010

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been on board with the Ribbon Streamers for months now and I absolutely love them. John Spears did a good job constructing them and they have stood up to some pretty nasty weather. I love the convenience of not having to truck to the office early Sunday mornings to blow up balloons. I also like not having to worry about windy days and all of the balloons flying out of my car and up into the sky which is bad for our environment"

Sales Associate
March 2010

John Spears
JohnSpears@earthlink.net | Studio: 908-996-6086 | Cell: 908-507-1928

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