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Instructions for Mounting Metal Clamps

Mounting Metal Clips1.) The metal clamps take a bit more effort to mount than the plastic clips but they will last the life of the sign and can be reused for future use if the sign deteriorates.

2.) You will need a ruler, a drill with a 1/8" drill bit and a Phillip's head screw driver to screw the metal screws firmly into the frame of the sign.

3.) For each metal clamp there is a screw and a lock washer. Drill the first hole approximately 2" from the top of the sign, making sure the clamp is facing out - but not over the edge of the sign. The second hole should be approximately 6" below the first. Using the Phillip's head screw in the clamp with the lock washer and screw, place the dowel in the clamp and tighten firmly so that the dowel has enough friction to slide up and down with some resistance to assure adjustability. If the dowel is screwed firmly in, and there is still not enough friction, lightly tap down on the clamp with a hammer. Once the proper tightness is completed there should be no need for further adjustment.

4.) If you have any questions please call me at 908-996-6086 studio.

Instructions for Mounting Plastic Clips

Mounting Plastic Clips1) Before mounting the clips, it is essential to make sure the sign are absolutely clean, dry and at "room temperature". Also mount the clips at least one day before actual use so the pressure sensitive adhesive has time to dry and fully bond to the sign. Under frigid conditions the clips once adhered to the signs should be kept in the closed 2nd to the last position which will allow the dowels to slide out readily, but keep them in a secured position when in use.

2) Use two clips to hold the streamers on each side of the sign. The first clip should be approximately 2" from the top of the sign; the second clip should be approximately 6" further down and parallel to the first clip.

3) Peel off the release liner and firmly press the first clip onto the sign. Use the dowel itself for alignment purposes. Make sure that the 2 clips are facing the same direction. You'll notice the clips will tighten firmly around the dowel once you slide the "toothed" band in between the bent lever of the clip. This lever when pressed down will release the dowel as well.

DO NOT USE PLASTIC CLIPS IF FROZEN (e.g. signs left in vehicle on a frigid night).

If you have any questions please call me at 908-996-6086 studio.

John Spears
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